How to Change the Font size and colour of the accents without modifying the letters

To change the accents of the whole text then follow the next steps

1- Select all the text by clicking on the button Select All
2- Select the button Change Accents Only
3- Select the Desired Colour or the Font size and the changes will apply only to the Accents.

If you wish to change the Accents of the specific Text then select the Text by using the mouse then follow above steps 2 and 3.

See Figure 1-A

If you wish to change the Urdu letters, Latin letters or the Digits only then follow the above steps except in the second step you would need to select the relevant button to apply your changes.
i.e. if you wish to change the Digits only then you need to select the Digits buttons and so forth.

Figure 1-A Change the Size of the Accents only.

You could change more than one symbol type by selecting the relevant button for each type.
If you wish to apply the change for all symbol types then select the button Change all.
See Figure 1-B.

Figure 1-B Names of the command buttons and control on Status Tool bar.

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How to add a small space between the symbols

To add a small space between the symbols use the Shift and Space key i.e. Press on the Shift Key first then click on the Space key.

This is a very useful feature as sometimes the Accents get very close to each other and the writing looks untidy. By using this unique feature the text will always looks tidy.

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How to copy the whole page as an image

Use the command Design Page Copy command from the main Menu ->Edit or use the Key F9.

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