The menu title Edit presents the following commands

  1. Undo
Returns to the previous text. Undo can go back up to 4000 times.
  2. Cut
Cuts the selected text and copies it to the Clipboard.
  3. Copy
Copies the selected text to the Clipboard. The maximum limit of copied text is 40 kilobytes.
  4. Special Copy
Copies the selected text to the Clipboard for pasting to other programs such as Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Photoshop and others. To display the Urdu text in the other programs highlight it and select Urdu font like Uwrite_Professional or any other Summitsoft Font.
The Accents will not be copied with the letters.
If you wish to copy the Accents then write them separately and use Special Copy again.

  5. Design Copy
Copies the selected text as an image to the Clipboard for pasting to other programs such as MS Word, Excel.and Paint Brush .
  6. Paste
Pastes the text from the clipboard to the Editor.
The maximum limit of pasted text is 40 kilobytes.
  7. Select All
Selects all the text.
  8. Find
Finds the desired word(s). The total match terms of the word will appear on the status bar.
  9. Find Next
Finds the next matched word(s).
  10. Replace
Replaces the word(s) with any other word(s). You can highlight word(s) by changing the
Font, Text color, Text Background colour during search and replace.

  11. Wrapping Type
Defines the wrapping type. You can wrap the Text to the printed page or to the current Window.