Reviews of the Arabic Master Book تعليقات عن كتاب معلم العربية
Eddie Mizzi

Learning Arabic Fast

This is a great book for gaining a working knowledge of Arabic quickly. The idea behind the book is to learn Arabic by reading illustrated stories that are both memorable and enjoyable to read. The book is divided into three parts:

(1) The foundations, which include the letter shapes and sounds of the Arabic alphabet, together with the diacritics and word types.

(2) Three stories which deliver basic vocabulary and grammar.

(3) A dictionary that contains all the words used in the stories. Arabic grammar is explained through the notion of a ‘word type’, and the stories are composed in a style based on the word type, making it easy to build vocabulary in a systematic and organised fashion.

All the vocabulary can be found in the dictionary at the end of the book. Audio files to aid pronunciation are available on the publisher’s website. The book is beautifully produced using the author’s Arabic Editor software.


One of the best resource out there to help teach the Arabic language.

Having already a basis of the Arabic language myself, I wanted to find a book which could help improve my Arabic, specifically to broaden my vocabulary.

This book was advised by a friend and I couldn't be more grateful for it! It ticked all the boxes of what I needed. It forces you to read the Arabic stories, which are beautifully written, where the Verbs, Noun and Adjectives are colour coded through out the book.

After practicing to read, being able to translate the stories yourself using the dictionary provided at the back of the book was so satisfying.

I learnt to enjoy the stories, by learning these new words in a new fun way! My favourite story had to be the "Shirt of happiness", which had such a beautiful message behind it.

I believe these stories would be great for both students and adults. I myself have also advised my friends from university also looking to learn and improve their Arabic, and this book had benefited them a lot! I 100% recommend this book. Brilliant.

From Amazon reviews

A clever and enjoyable approach to teaching Arabic.

The stories included in this book are simple to understand, enjoyable and provide a great basis for learning Arabic.
The dictionary provided in the back of the book and online Audio I found particularly useful.

Great educational resource

The book is structurally strong and makes it easier to teach (and learn) the basics of Arabic.
The stories help make it easier for children to follow the language and the exercises reiterate the learning. Overall, this is a great, educational resource for learners and I highly recommend it.