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Our software is used in more than 65 countries world-wide.
Farrukh Siddiqui

"Best software of it's kind"

I recently purchased your Arabic Editor Pro software.  Masha' Allah, it is the best software of it's kind that I have seen to date.  May Allah (swt) shower His blessings and rewards on all of the people behind this excellent effort.  I searched far and wide including looking at many online Arabic keyboards but none was as sophisticated, accurate and robust as yours.  I love the functionality of copying and pasting Arabic text into other programs such as the Microsoft Office suite and the additionall common phrases (i.e. bismillah) and Islamic symbols/patterns available. If you need my assistance in any way including testing beta versions of products or product enhancements, please let me know.  I have already shown the software to a couple of people and received similar feedback.

Jazakallah khair,

"Perfect Solution"

It is a great editing tool; it delivers a lot more than it claims. In addition to great editing, it has an esthetically please graphics user interface with distinctly colored "special characters or 7arakat" and an impressive assortment of artistic templates. For those who are new to the language or those who have forgot how to type in Arabic, there multiple ways to display and use the onscreen keyboard. Since I refuse to commit the ultimate blasphemy and convert to Apple Mac and I refuse to spend precious capital on Arabic Windows or some special version of Win7, I find this piece of nimble yet sophisticated software the perfect solution for me.

Abdul Khaliq

"Far better than the rest"

To your credit, please be informed that after a trial with Serifsoft's Tasmeen and trials of Adobe Indesign Eastern Version, I have concluded that Arabic Editor Pro has the greatest of ease and simplicity, and extremely cost efficient.
Again thank you for your great customer service.
Also, please feel free to use my experience with Arabic Editor Pro as a testimonial, and I will gladly reconmend and promote it on my webpages, as well as my colleages and also any future projects.

Abdul Khaliq Abd'ALLAH Muhammad, Creative Director

Elmoataz Elmamoun

"Amazing Software"

I have been using "Arabic Editor" since 2007 for everyday tasks such as email, blogs, letters, etc., and I'm now upgrading to the pro version, I could be happierI I also own the latest version of another popular and very costly Arabic editing software (given to me as a gift) made by a company known for its operating system, but is there any comparison between the two? The answer is NO! Arabic Editor far surpasses the others! It's packed with several advanced features, yet it's intuitive and very easy to use. The feature I like most is the fully-customizable phonetic keyboard. It's a very useful feature, especially in computers with western keyboards. It eliminated the need for an Arabic keyboard and/or messy stickers.
I highly recommend this software and will always continue to use it.

Sobhi Khalil

"Your software is the best"

This is a great software , I work with a lot of Arabic editing and this is the best.
Every day I discover that your software is the best

Dr.Imad Shihab

"Very impressive editor"

Being a computer science researcher and a professional user of Arabic software for many years I can comfortably say that Arabic Editor Pro is the easiest software I ever used to compose Arabic documents and the quality of Arabic writing is second to none. The software has a lot of unique and amazing features which I couldn't find in most expensive products. With confidence I will recommend this software for anybody is looking for a good quality and easy to use software for writing or learning Arabic.

كباحث في علم الحسوب و مستخدم للبرمجيات العربية لعدة سنوات أستطيع القول ان المحرر
العربي برو اسهل برنامج استخدمته في كتابة المستندات العربية.و دقة الكتابة التي يقدمها البرنامج لا نظير لها

البرنامج يمتلك العديد من الخصائص الرائعة التي لم اجداها في اغلى البرمجيات. بكل ثقة استطيع ان انصح هذاالبرنامج لاي شخص يبحث على برنامج ذات جودة عالية و سهل الاستخدام لكتابة او تعلم العربية

ترجم من قبل ساميت سوفت
Sabsob Design

"Brilliant Arabic editor program"

Congratulations on such a brilliant Arabic editor program!  Although I do not speak the language, I use your Arabic editor for writing Arabic script which I use in design work and later transfer the text into Corel Draw. I like very musch the unique feature of being able to write in English and Arabic on the same page with amazing ease. The Arabic/English virtual keyboard is simply superb! Your program is simple but very effective.  I am sure it will be invaluable to anyone wants to write Arabic in a PC.  The punctuation marks are easy to use and very clever use of colour provides an excellent way of distinguishing them from the main text.  I will not hesitate in recommending your program to anyone who has an interest in Arabic.

مبروك على هذا البرنامج الرائع المحرر العربي. بالرغم انني لا اتكلم اللغة الا اني استخدم البرنامج
لكتابة النصوص عربية في التصاميم التي اقوم بها في برنامج الكارول دراو

انا معجب جدا بالخاصية الفريدة التي يمتلكها البرنامج و هي السماح بكتاية العربية و الانجليزية على نفس
الصفحة بسهولة مدهشة. لوحة المفاتيح على الشاشة ببساطة عمل اكثر من رائع برنامجكم سهل الاستخدام
ولكن فعال جدا. انا متأكد ان هذا البرنامج لايقدر بثمن لاي شخص يريد ان يكتب العربية بالحاسوب

طريقة كتابة حركات التشكيل بلون مختلف تقدم طريقة ممتازة للتمييز بين الاحرف و حركات التشكيل.انا
لن اتردد في نصح أي شخص مهتم بالعربية باستخدام برنامجكم

ترجم من قبل ساميت سوفت
Eddie Mizzi

"Arabic Editor Pro"

In addition to its use for writing bilingual English/Arabic essays and dissertations, I think Arabic Editor would also be useful as a teaching tool because it supports fully all Arabic vocalisation diacritics and because one can highlight these and other elements of the text in different colours in a very simple and straightforward manner. Moreover, it is very easy to use and eminently affordable, even for students!

بالاضافة الى استخدام البرنامج في كتابة المقالات و الرسائل العربية و الانجليزية انا اعتقد المحرر العربي
سيكون وسيلة مفيدة في تعليم العربية لانه يدعم كل حركات التشكيل و يسمح بتلوين الكلمات بالوان مختلفة
بطريقة مبسطة و سهلة جدا مع ان البرنامج مفيد و سهل الاستخدام فانا ارى ان سعره مناسب جدا
حتى لميزانية الطلاب

ترجم من قبل ساميت سوفت

"Thank you for your produc"

I just bought your product and it works great! It used to be a pain to work with Arabic on my PC but now it is a joy thanks to Arabic Editor! Thanks for your great work on this product.


"Thanks for being so thoughtful"

One of my life long objectives has been to learn how to speak, read and write Arabic and thanks partly to your software, Arabic Editor, I have now achieved this objective. I have been sending to and receiving messages from my Arabic friends all around the world. You have designed a software which is easy to use and within a reach of those even with modest income.
Thanks for being so thoughtful.

Abid Hussain

"Easy to use and easy to understand"

Urdu Editor, as a package is functional, easy to use and easy to understand.
It does what it is designed to do with the least amount of hassle, it is totally user friendly. Most packages have a thick user guide that requires many hours of understanding and/or training. With a basic amount of Urdu knowledge one can be away from the onset. Not many packages can offer this, I assure you, I speak from experience!

Beth Zammit

"Person from Malta"

I'm a person from Malta, of 28 years of age that not so long ago, decided to search for a tool that enables me to write in Arabic as well as in English, so I made a search through and I was presented with several urls as usual, but what caught my eye was, one of the software that you've developed that goes by the name of, "Arabic Editor." I was fasinated by it's simplicity and it's friendliness when it comes to it's usage. I've never seen such a software before I came across "Arabic Editor." "Arabic Editor," is what I was looking for and I guess, it's even more powerful than it looks, right?


"Clean software and easy to set up"

What I like most about Arabic Editor is the ease of installation and use.
Also it doesn't corrupt the operating system files as all its files are installed in a single directory.

Dexter Waheed

"A creation of perfection"

Wallahülazim from the first time ? used the program ? got awestrucked every businessman should get it immediately

Abu Salem, Arabic Teacher

"Great Arabic Writer"

I have been teaching Arabic for none Arabic speakers for nearly 8 years, and always recommend my students to buy some expensive software to write Arabic, and now after trying the Arabic Editor, I started to suggest to them to use this software as it is far better than any Arabic writer in the market, money and performance wise. For me personally I feel that Arabic Editor is the only software that provides natural writing for Arabic language.

Sirwart Hattar

"Thank you"

It is always refreshing to see such fast and prompt respond .. keep-up the good work. I am thankful to your prissiness in the software world and if you could send me what other products you have as to be updated about new products.


"Wonderful program"

I've tried quite a few Arabic word processors, and this one takes the cake! A reccommendation for anyone!

Salma Hdad

"Self-explanatory and stable"

I haven't used Arabic Editors for sometime but decided to try this one because of the high positive recommendations that I received. I was sure impressed with how easy it was. Without my bothering to read even the first line of instructions, it worked the first time I tried it!

M.K. Graphic Designer

"Great Program for ordinary and Professionals "

The best thing which I like about this program that it allowed me to redesign all my documents for Arabic, I managed by using the Copy and Paste to Paste the Arabic Text to my CorelDraw Documents and by that I achieved a great job for my publishing company, I am very impressed with this software and would highly recommend it.

Youssef El-Khadem

"Great Arabic Typewriter "

Great program, cos Arabic is such a widespread language thus, so many people can benefit from that.

Ahmed Rih

"Great arabic editor "

Use this excellent program and you'll never feel sorry for downloading it.

John Meyers, Software Reviewer

"Smart and Robust Editor "

Although it is not my job to review Multilingual software but by examining the Arabic Editor I can say with confidence it is one of the most robust Editors I came cross, In my opinion this software is in not good only for typing Arabic but also for typing English as it has some excellent features which I couldn’t find in many advance editors

Mary Etta Hamzawi

"Thank you"

Thank you so much for being so prompt and solving my problem so simply. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and understanding

Wisam Sharieff

"Professional Look"

I purchased your program recently and love it. Possible the best Arabic writer I have ever used. I do lectures on Quranic pronunciation, tajweed, and this program has allowed me to make worksheets and really give the class a professional look ...

Companies and Organisations using Summitsoft Software
Users           Location
United States
Elon University Elon, NC, United States
Boise State University 1910 University Drive, Boise, United States
Montgomery College Rockville, MD, United States
CACI Technologies Chantilly, VA, United States
American Institutes for Research NW Suite, Washington DC, United States
International School of Ministries Los Alamitos, CA, United States
DeVry Institute of Technology Valley stream, NY, United States
International Mission Board Richmond, VA, United States
Summit Kalamazoo, MI, United States
HPCD West Bloomfield, MI, United States
Aiaa arlington VA 22204 United States
Codem Systems, Inc. Merrimack NH 3054 United States
DVD Burner Hunterville NC 28078 United States
Eg Group EL MONTE CA 91731 United States
Gilley Designs Bellflower CA 90706 United States
Univ. of Florida St.Homestead FL 33031 United States
Compaq Houston, TX, United States
PDS, Inc Tucson, AZ, United States
Dyer Consulting Stamford, CT, United States
Natex Interactive Morristown, NJ, United States
City University of New York New York, NY, United States
American properties lubbock, TX, United States
Anadolla Inc. Alexandria, VA, United States
SCH CHICAGO, IL, United States
TritonUBF River Grove, IL, United States
Afrinush Corp. Torrance, CA, United States
Afrinush Corp. Torrance, CA, United States
AloUSA LLC Poughkeepsie, NY, United States
Amercon International inc Harriaburg, PA, United States
Amtech Software Berkeley, CA, United States
Citigroup Jamaica, NY, United States
Command Technologies, Inc San Angelo, TX, United States
Coptic Orphans Merrifield, VA, United States
FCM Union Beach, NJ, United States
OCAT Norcross, GA, United States
Saddleback Community College Irvine, CA, United States
Sennar Hawthorne, CA, United States
UC-Berkeley San Pablo, CA, United States
Department of Modern Languages S.B.C. Sweet Briar, United States
Middlesex Community College Lowell, MA , United States
Northern Virginia Community College Woodbridge, VA, United States
Math Dept, St. Cloud State University St. Cloud, MN, United States
Idaho State University Pocatello, United States
United Kingdom
University of Edinburgh Edinburgh, Scotland
Foundation School and Technology Colleg Small Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Feversham College West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Littleover Community School Pastures Hill, Littleover, Derby, United Kingdom
Broxtowe College Chilwell, Nottingham, United Kingdom
DT Media Ltd Stoke Gabriel Devon TQ9 6SL United Kingdom
Databridge Solutions Ltd Ilford, Essex, United Kingdom
Mi-smile Southampton, United Kingdom
UNN newcastle ne1 8st United Kingdom
Vimto Soft Drinks Golborne, Warrington, United Kingdom
All Bar One London, United Kingdom
This Day Today Ltd London, United Kingdom
Darlam Cowley oxford oxfordshire ox4 3bu United Kingdom
ABTI Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
JacquieGordon Garden Design Newent, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
International Crisis Group Lancaster Road, London, United Kingdom
Scanna MSC Ltd New Bond St, London, United Kingdom
Jocelyn Buron Ltd Holborn, London, England, United Kingdom
Legal Eagle Support Services LTD HALIFAX WEST YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom
Sixth Form College Farnborough Farnborough, United Kingdom
Greenacre Public School Greenacre, United Kingdom
Wakefield City High School Wakefield, United Kingdom
Belle Vue Girls' School Bradford, United Kingdom
Littleover Community School Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Coventry University Coventry, United Kingdom
Ontario Veterinary college Guelph ONT N1g 2W1 Canada
St. Lawrence High School Cornwall, ONT, Canada
TCDSB Richmond Hill, ONT, Canada
Easier QUE, Canada
MSA Edmonton, ALB AB, Canada
Lexitra Communications Place Decelles, Montreal QUE, Canada
NETBAY CABRIS 6530, France
Particulier Villefontaine Isère, France
HALAL DISTRIBUTION Chatenay Malabry, France
Hermieu Printing Co Garibaldi Verdun, Lorraine, France
Saudi Arabia
ALMAS JEDDAH 21543 Saudi Arabia
Amazco Najd, Saudi Arabia
SBTC Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
National Wildlife Research Center Taif, Makkah, Emirate, Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Al-Futtaim Dubai 73618 United Arab Emirates
C Czarnikow Sugar Ltd Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Kya Hai Duaha, Alk, United Arab Emirates
University Kebangsaan Malaysia Bangi Selangor, Malaysia
Television News Network Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia
Nidanet surfers paradise Bagan, Malaysia
ABF Sdn Bhd Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Dimensitek Kuala Lumpur, WP, Malaysia
Kemtronik Alor Setar Kedah Malaysia
Universidad de Almería Almería Almería 4001 Spain
Remabar Madrid, Spain
Alba Valencia 46001 Spain
Gasset y Martí Salas de los Infantes Burgos 9600 Spain
Elsecredit Barcelona, Spain
Michael inc Miranda cangas, Pontevedra, Spain
University Bonn Adenauerallee Bonn, Germany
Reichel-EDV Duisburg, Germany
Club 402 Nürnberg, Germany
BEK Spandauer Damm, Berlin, Germany
British petroleum ( BP ) Islamabad Pakistan
Pakistan Tobacco Company Islamabad Pakistan
ITEC Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Byskov911 Brabrand, Denmark
Traen Brabrand, Denmark
Impex Brabrand, Denmark
BATELCO Isa Town, Bahrain
Ozi Net Manama, Bahrain
PT. ASTEL Jakarta Pusat, DKI 10710, Indonesia
PT. RSP Central Java, Indonesia
Comune di Sirmione Sirmione, Italy
Reservation srl Milano, MI, Italy
SSCC Sydney, NSW, Australia
Parramatta Leagues Club Parramatta NSW 2150 Australia
Kiosk Technologies (P) Limited Kolkata West Bengal India
Synergis-Ecologic Miyapur Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Sakano Lab, Department of Social Engineering Tokyo, Japan
VTech Electronics Ltd. Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong
Vestlandsheimen Statlige Mottak Bergen, Nyborg, Norway
Labo Smeets Antwerp, Belgium
Soft Market Informatica Sao Paulo, Brazil
CareView Vienna 1020 Austria
ENB Nicosia, Cyprus
Flightworld Meyrin, GENEVA, Switzerland
Megacell International Co., Ltd Sub-District, Bangkok, Thailand
C/O. K.C.CONFECTIONERY LTD Couva, West Indies, Trinidad And Tobago

The above list is only a snapshot from the full list of the Companies and Organisations, using Summitsoft Software.
List of top Customers Countries
        United States       12%
        United Kingdom       10%
        Malaysia       9.5%
        France       9.5%
        Canada       9%
        Pakistan       7.5%
        Germany       7%
        Spain       4.5%
        Netherlands       4%
        United Arab Emirates       2.5%
        Italy       2%
        Saudi Arabia       1.5%
        India       1.5%
        Singapore       1.5%
        Switzerland       1.5%
        Venezuela       1.5%
        Japan       1%
        Ireland       1%
        Belgium       1%
        Denmark       1%
        Egypt       1%
        Indonesia       1%
        Turkey       1%
        China       1%
        Bahrain       0.2%
        Bulgaria       0.2%
        Morocco       0.2%
        Poland       0.2%
        Austria       0.2%
        Cyprus       0.2%
        Malta       0.2%
        Sweden       0.2%
        Greece       0.2%
        Finland       0.2%
        Australia       0.2%
        Norway       0.2%
        New Zealand       0.2%
        Tunisia       0.2%
        Thailand       0.2%
        Brazil       0.2%
        Mexico       0.2%
        South Africa       0.2%
        Kenya       0.2%
        Brunei Darussalam       0.2%
        Trinidad And Tobago       0.2%
        Barbados       0.2%
        Botswana       0.2%
        Saint Lucia       0.2%
        Estonia       0.2%
        Reunion       0.2%
        Eritrea       0.1%
        Haiti       0.1%