Arabic Writing Research

Arabic Writing
  Arabic School
We have conducted a simple research to understand how Arabic Master could help to learn Arabic writing.

The research consisted of the following 3 easy steps.

Step 1
We have asked students in a Arabic education centre who were competent on working with computers
to use any software to write the following 3 simple sentences in Arabic.

I learn Arabic            انا اتعلم العربية
I like my school      انا احب مدرستي
I live in London     انا اعيش في لندن

We have asked the same students to write the same Arabic sentences by using Arabic Master.

Step 3
We compared the results from the 2 steps above and found the following:

Results from step1

  • 94% of the students in step 1 failed to achieve their task for various reason such as
    • Couldn’t find the right software for writing Arabic.
    • Found the software but didn’t have the Arabic Keyboard.
    • Found the software and the Arabic keyboard but using it was extremely difficult
      as the Arabic letters were located randomly on the keyboard and not phonetically.

  • 3% didn’t achieve the task for not having the time to try or other personal reasons.
  • 2% Managed to do the task but with great difficulties and some external help.

Results from step2

  • 97% of students in step 2 have completed the task easily and independently.
  • 3% didn’t achieve the task for not having the time to try or other personal reasons.


  • The experiment above, clearly highlights the advantages of Arabic Master over any other software.
  • Arabic Master, makes Arabic writing a quite simple task for all students.
  • Arabic Master provides a common and solid ground for the students and teachers to work on.


The simple experiment above, is repeatable. It can be tried again in any
Arabic classes and the results will always be similar to what we had.