Urdu Editor

Is the Easiest and Quickest way to create and publish Urdu-English documents


It works straight out of the box (you don't need other software or a special keyboard) and is very easy to use.

You can mix Urdu and English in the same document and it does the full set of Urdu diacritics (which are many and varied and not totally supported by many Urdu typesetting systems)

It provides the highest accuracy of Urdu writing with the Accents and gives you the flexibility to individually change Urdu Letters, Accents, Digits and Latin letters.


Main Features


Urdu Editor allows you to use your existing keyboard to type Urdu easily, for example to type the Urdu Letter Alef all you need is to press on the key a and to type the Urdu Letter Ba press on the key b and so forth ..

It also provides On Screen Keyboard that allows you to type the letters with a simple click of the mouse.

The On Screen Keyboard can also be used as a guide that shows which key you need to press to display the desired Urdu letter.

The accuracy of Urdu writing provided by the Urdu Editor is second to none and cannot be delivered by any other software. It allows you to write Urdu diacritics using the desired colour, size and position independently from the letters.


You can insert or paste any picture to your document and change its size, colour saturation and rotation easily.


Urdu Editor supports the full set of Urdu diacritics (which are many and varied and not totally supported by many Urdu typesetting systems).

Enables you to insert a small space between the letters by using the Shift + Space Key. This unique feature enables you to write Urdu with the highest quality which cannot be delivered by any other software.

Patent of Shift + Space Key is in progress.

Create and print Urdu-English documents on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP with no need for an Urdu keyboard or other software.

By using Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, Yahoo.com in any browser or Outlook you can send Emails in Urdu by copying and pasting the Urdu Text from Urdu Editor to Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, Yahoo.com, Outlook or even to the chat engine of MS Messenger.
You can also Email Urdu letters as attached files, and by using our
free Urdu Reader the recipient can read and print them with no need for any other software.
Allows you to search the Web and You tube in Urdu and can be used to build Urdu Web sites .

Allows pasting Urdu Text to other programs such as Adobe Phototoshop, Macromedia Flash, Paint Shop pro, CorelDraw , MS Word, Excel, Paint Brush or any other image editing program.

Can create Urdu PDF Files by using Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher.

Allows you to use Urdu in Designing Programs such as AutoCAD, Xara3D, MS WordArt, Adobe Flash, Paint Shop pro, CorelDraw or any other image editing program.

The keyboard is fully customizable. You can reset the letter positions according to your choice.


With the Ctrl + Shift key is pressed and simple Mouse movement you could easily grab the screen to view any part of the document in a very smart way.

Full bilingual user interface including Menus, Help, etc, which can be read in two languages simultaneously.


Gives you the total of Urdu and Latin words in any document with a single click.

Advanced Search engine, displaying the total match terms of any single letter or word .

Advanced Search Replace Engine highlights the desired words.

Allows you to Zoom Out and Zoom In into more than 500%.

Undo Operation up to 4000 steps back.

Full and easy Font and Colour control.

Full filing operations.

Multi Document Interface (MDI).

Clipboarding operations (Copy, Cut, Paste).