Sample of how to write Arabic text from right to left
NO other program can produce the above writing!

What is Arabic Editor Pro?
Arabic Editor Pro is an advance Editor for creating and printing high quality Arabic-English documents, which cannot be delivered by any other software.
What are the advantages of Arabic Editor Pro?
Arabic Editor Pro and Prem have many unique features, which cannot be found in other programs such as:
Highest accuracy

A quick demo of writing Arabic with highest accuracy which cannot be found in other products.

Play Full Arabic diacritics controls

Elegant Borders
Arabic Frames

Allows you to create unlimited styles of elegant Arabesque & Eastern borders, easily.


Arabic Editor Pro provides two types of on screen Keyboard.

1- Phonetic Keyboard which allows you to type Arabic phonetically, i.e. to type the Arabic letter Alef all you need to do is press on the key a. To type the Arabic letter Ba press on the key b and so forth ..

2- Arabic Win Keyboard which some users may prefer to use.

Inputting the letters can be done by a simple click on the Screen Keyboard or by using the existing keyboard.

Madd - Diacritic Mark
Arabic Keyboard

Arabic Editor Pro is the only software that allows you to position the Arabic diacritic mark Madd over any letter to support standard and advanced Arabic writing.

Arabic Editor Prem provides an extra comperhansive keyboard that supports all diacritics and symbols which are used in advanced Arabic writing.

Supports Hollow Arabic fonts which are useful for learning Arabic hand writing.

Arabic Calligraphy

Provides a list of beautiful Arabic Calligraphy to insert the most commonly used Arabic Glyphs and words such as Arabic Months .. etc.


Arabic Flashcards
Arabic flash cards

Enables you to create smart Flashcards for learning Arabic quite easily.


Enable users to Hide/Show all diacritics or just those at the end of each word.

Beautiful Frames
Arabic Frames
Allows you to insert up to 7 image frames, using the desired picture or texture as a background and create unlimited


Unique space key
Arabic Space

Has a special key to insert a small space between the letters. This unique feature enhances the quality of Arabic writing tremendously.

Export Arabic text
Write Arbic in CorellDraw

Supports exporting Arabic Text to other programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, Paint Shop pro, CorelDraw, MS Word, Excel, Paint Brush etc.

Allows you to search and find the number of any sentence, word, letter, diacritic mark or Quranic symbol.